Custom Rugs

InStyle Rugs has become the popular choice of architects, designers and discerning buyers. We can custom make a rug for residential or commercial projects in any size, shapes, design in as little time as 2 months with choice of 500 colors.

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We manufacture two kinds of hand made Tibetan rugs in Nepal. -60 knots count with your choice of pile height of 6 – 10 mm.
-100 knots count which is the finer quality of Tibetan rugs on the market with a low pile height of 4 mm. These rugs will look the best with addition of some Silk highlights.

We can match any medium for color; fabric, paint chips or any textile you might have as a color reference.

We are only limited by your imagination. Clients who have a specific design in mind (for instance, to match an existing pattern). We are pleased to work with you or your designer, to produce a beautiful rug to your unique specifications.

Your area rug should be placed proportionately to the size of the room. In Dining rooms, Chairs should always remain on your rug, even when extended out. Measure the dining table & add a minimum of 48″ to length & width.

Delivery Time
Your room-size carpet can be finished and delivered within 2-3 months! One of the shortest lead times in the industry. One thing we don’t compromise is quality & attention to details. We will update you of weaving process & email you photos of your rug in the making!

Delivery time for a sample rug (optional) is approximately 1 month.


Our prices are very competitive. Please contact us for a quote.

How to Order

3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Bring in your inspiration design, fabrics, paint chips, color, shape & size

Step 2 – Optional, await for a sample rug to be made for your approval

Step 3 – Await for your custom rug to arrive to your choice of destination

For more information on our Custom Rug Program, please call (416) 916-6557 or 1-(866)799-7847.